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State of D’Nile Cruise, cont.

30 Nov

Day Two: “Fight for it!”

Day Two of our Nile cruise began at the crack of dawn. In general, neither of us is in favor of vacations in which you’re forced to get up around 6:00AM, but I guess if you’re going to get up that early, it might as well be to see a 2000-year old temple. Continue reading


State of D’Nile Cruise

27 Nov

Day One- The Lower Your Expectations, the Better Your Experience!

AUC is pretty much the only institution in Egypt that would think about giving Thanksgiving as a holiday, which we are very grateful for. With the weekend and Patrick’s teaching schedule, we figured we had a good 3-4 day window that would be our last chance to escape the city before the baby came. So we fled just as fast as we could.

After some back and forth with travel agencies that took us down to the wire, we finally booked a famous Nile Cruise. These cruises are really popular and for good reason. You pick your boat and the length of time you want to cruise. For a flat price, your agency sets up your accommodations, itinerary, guide, meals, extra excursions, etc. It’s quite a nice deal, especially booking from Egypt as residents.

Despite all this, we had pretty low expectations. Continue reading

A Quick Note

20 Nov

I’m over at By Common Consent today.

Also, in the morning, we’re leaving for our Thanksgiving trip, a cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. We’ll be back this weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Three Months In- Vital Stats

19 Nov

Today marks exactly three months since we arrived in Cairo. August 19 was the day we arrived. It was Patrick’s birthday, although we were so disoriented and overwhelmed that it took a while to remember that. Those first few days were immortalized in the first entry of this blog and now here we are, exactly three months and nearly 10,000 hits later. So how are we doing? Continue reading

Back to the Land of the Living

14 Nov

After a week and a half, I’m finally starting to feel human again. I’ve spent the last little while in a fog of sickness and fatigue, wandering from flat space to flat space with my pillow, napping wherever I could. I went for days without setting foot outside my front door, or even opening the curtains.

It started last Tuesday, after Patrick got back. Despite having just spent 24 hours in international transit, he spent the day teaching and then came home and crashed. While he was napping, I walked over to the grocery store to get ingredients for the fabulous welcome home dinner I was planning for him. I wandered the aisles, picking up fresh ginger, limes, and imagining a gorgeous and colorful Thai spread. I paid for everything and then jauntily headed home, greeting Samir and Sabry, the taxi drivers on the corner who always ask how I’m feeling and how the baby is doing. I turned the corner and stepped off the curb and the next thing I know, I’m falling…hard. Continue reading

Lepers. Seriously.

10 Nov

Back in junior high I joked with my friends about leprosy. We thought it would make for a great Saturday Night Live skit, with Dana Carvey’s and Chris Farley’s body parts falling off at inopportune social moments. “Waiter, I think there’s a finger in my soup,” and that kind of thing. It was funny to us because: a) we were in junior high, b) it is sort of funny to think about, and c) we thought there weren’t any lepers anymore – that it was just one of those things that only exists in the Bible (like donkeys that talk and people who live in fish bellies). Continue reading

Alone in Egypt

3 Nov

Patrick has been in the US since Wednesday and still has a few more days there before he gets back. For those of you who know me well, the above sentence may have sent off warning bells in your head. “She’s home alone?” you say. “Doesn’t Patrick know that when she’s home alone she gets paranoid and does crazy things like props chairs against doorknobs and calls 911 on raccoons in the backyard?” Continue reading