I Can’t Believe I’m Here!!!

4 Jan

Guest Blog by Mom

I got here after a VERY VERY long trip. My hope of seeing Amsterdam did not happen because I did not have my boarding pass/ticket from Amsterdam to Cairo. Continental Airlines does not have an agreement with Egypt Air so I had to check in at the counter in Amsterdam to get one. Unfortunately, they didn’t open until 12noon. In the meantime, I was told not to leave the airport because customs would not let me back into the terminal areas without a ticket or pass. I seriously considered leaving anyways and bluffing my way back in but after 3 different agents told me to stay put, I stayed. I made the best of it though and explored the airport. I saw an art exhibit in a small museum there and bought my Van Gogh magnet. Then I found the communication center and bought Internet time and let family know what was happening. After that, I found a Mickey D’s, had lunch, and then found what’s called a comfort station. It was great! It’s a very quiet area with soft recliner chairs and couches where you can sleep! So I rested and listened to music and just tried to center myself. I asked God to fill me with His Holy Spirit and give me strength and courage to finish my journey. Finally, I got my boarding pass and made my own personal flight to Egypt. Patrick had arranged for someone to meet me at the security area and get me through customs and baggage. I breezed through, no questions asked. Melissa and Patrick met me with a driver and got me home. I pretty much fell into bed and passed out. Melissa looks wonderful and radiant. They have a beautiful spacious apartment and I felt completely comfortable and at home. Patrick looks thinner and I wish I could take him home and feed him many taquitos.

(Note: this part was written for my students, who are keeping up with my weblog while I’m gone) I wish you were here with me seeing all the amazing things I have seen so far! What a great field trip this would have been. The traffic here moves very fast. There are NO traffic signals and the drivers do not stay in their lanes. They drive all over the road and yell and honk constantly at each other. My son Patrick hired a driver to take us to the pyramids and it was about an hour to get there. The driver, Adel, stopped by the Nile River so we could take a picture.


Then it was on to the pyramids. They were amazing. There are no words to fully describe them but I’ll try. Immense, enormous, awesome are some of the things I said. I was pretty much speechless at the beginning. I had to ask my kids to give me a minute several times because the sight of them overwhelmed me. I thought of Ms. Cindy and how she should be here seeing what she teaches. I thought of Teddy who loves to learn about new places. I thought of Lucas who I knew would have found exactly the right words to describe the sight. I thought of how much bigger Annika’s eyes would have gotten at the sights and smells. I thought of all my students and wished you were sharing my experience. I took at least 83 pictures here and I promise to post all of them at the end of my trip but here a just a few. On the way back to Cairo, I saw a Toyota pick up truck driving down the highway with a horse in the bed of the pick up! I’m not joking! It was an incredible sight! It went by too fast for a photo but I wished I had gotten one to show to Audrey and the people at Frank Smith Toyota.

For all of you:

We got home very tired and rested. At night, we went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant that was very good. I am very jet-lagged but this morning (Friday) we went to church services. Today is called the Sabbath and is a church day. It was very nice. The first night I was here, I was awakened by the prayers being called all over the city. It was a very magical sound.

Anyways here are some pictures. Today we rest and then on to more sightseeing tomorrow. The doctor says Melissa’s baby is due any minute so we’re trying to help him along. Love you all and miss you.




One Response to “I Can’t Believe I’m Here!!!”

  1. Dre January 5, 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    I’m so happy that you had a safe trip and will be there for the birth of the baby. I thought of you the entire time you were traveling and didn’t envy you the long layover in Amsterdam. But it sounds like you made the most of it. Please let me know of anything you took with you that eased your journey or anything you wished you’d taken. Also, I’m happy to act as courier for anything your family wants to send to our kids.

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