Mom Sees Dead People

17 Jan

(Note: This is a guest post by Mom. I’m resting and going radio-silent today, avoiding the phone and the outside world – Mel)

Our latest excursion was to the Egyptian Museum. It is an incredible place filled with hundreds of people, many of them dead!

Seriously, there were halls and halls of mummies, their coffins, and sarcophagus. There were statues and sculptures more than 4,000 years old! I saw thousand year old writings on papyrus that looked like they had been written yesterday.

But the most amazing was the King Tut hall. Melissa and Patrick had seen the actual King Tut mummy and outer sarcophagus at his tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The museum here as the two inner sarcophagus. They were incredible! Very beautiful! His very famous actual face mask was here also. It was larger than I imagined. There were hundreds of items on display from his tomb. We saw jewelry, clothing, pottery, weapons, and many other things. His chariots were here also! He had at least five in the tomb with him. From Land Cruiser size to Honda size! The funniest thing I saw were the shoes that were taken off the actual mummy. They were gold-gilded chanclas! It seems flip-flops were in style even then. He had really big feet for a little guy.(Note: you know what they say about mummies with big feet… – Mel)

I took my camera in but pictures were not allowed and there are guards everywhere. Many tour groups also speaking languages from all over the world. It was an amazing experience. I know I keep using that word but I have run out of adjectives to describe what I see daily here.

We ate in downtown Cairo by the Museum. The area that we were in was unbelievably crowded. Patrick said that area is like Times Square in New York. We then went to Patrick’s office at the University to pick up his mail.

Our driver picked us up and what would have been about a 30 minute ride home took an hour or so due to the rush hour bumper to bumper traffic. We are traveling along in this very busy congested city and what should cross the road? A herd of sheep with a shepherd! I will try to post pictures tomorrow. My camera battery went dead and is recharging. I think the sheep crossing the road was the final cultural shock to my poor overworked camera and it just gave up.

Pregnancy update to come soon. Next Dr. appt is in a few hours. Melissa will be checked for weapons before she’s allowed to see the doctor.


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