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Three Million Camels For the Baby!

31 Mar

Finn had his first trip to the Khan al-Khalili last weekend. The Khan is a centuries old bazaar and market that winds and spreads up and down alleyways, streets, stairs and tunnels in Islamic Cairo. Going to the Khan is an unusual and overwhelming experience. One’s senses are assaulted by the bright colors, teeming masses of people, the cloying scents of spices wafting out of their barrels, the sounds of men trying to get your attention (“lady, I don’t know what you want, but I have what you need!”). Continue reading


Tomb Raiders

26 Mar

Laura (my college roomie) and Joni (her mom) arrived here in Cairo last week to spend some time with us and see the sights. They only had a day or two in Cairo before we left to spend the weekend at the Red Sea. The rumors you’ve heard are true, in that very short amount of time, we did indeed manage to almost get ourselves arrested at the Egyptian Museum. Although I’d like to lay the blame on Laura, like many of our previous adventures and escapades, my charmingly spontaneous nature may have had a hand in this one. Continue reading

Finn’s First Trip Downtown

13 Mar

It was inevitable. At some point Finn was going to have to leave the leafy confines of Maadi to get out and see the real Cairo. Yesterday we took him to the US Embassy compound downtown to finalize all his paperwork so he can become an American citizen and get a Social Security number (not that he’ll ever collect Social Security, but at least he can pay for his grandparents). Continue reading

Lost in Translation

6 Mar

Laura (or Auntie Laura, as Finn will know her) is coming out to Egypt in a couple of weeks to meet our little guy and tour the ancient wonders of the world. I’m really excited and we’ve been making plans for her stay. She and Joni will be going on a Nile cruise similar to the one we took and then the four of us and Finn will be going to Dahab, a resort on the Red Sea, for some snorkeling and camel trekking. We found a little beach hotel that has great reviews and seems to have lots of personality (hopefully not Habiba Village personality though). The only quirk is the motto: “Come take a risk with us!”

Hmm… Continue reading

A Note from Finn

4 Mar