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Cabin Fever! (in a good way)

28 Jul

We just got back from a fun weekend in Park City. Thanks to the generosity of our sister-in-law’s parents, there’s an amazing cabin up in the mountains occasionally at the disposal of the Mason clan. Patrick and I have fond memories of it. Our first stay there was for our honeymoon. After wedding festivities and a few nights on South Padre Island in balmy 75 degree December weather, we immediately flew to Utah for a reception and festivities up here. After the reception, which marked the end of basically a week of wedding fun, we came back to the house and immediately- and I mean in a matter of ten minutes- went from happy and healthy to coughing, headachey messes. We drove to the cabin in Park City the next day, which we had been looking forward to with visions of firelit evenings, snowboarding lessons, late-night snowmobiling through the mountains. Instead of relaxing in our romantic winter wonderland though, we spent the next few days snowed in, huddled under blankets on separate couches, surrounded by mountains of used Kleenex and cold medicine, watching the entire Star Wars trilogy, which we had received as a wedding gift. One night, I kicked Patrick out of bed because his coughing was keeping me awake.  Ah, memories. Continue reading


Where have all the Masons gone?

22 Jul

I really meant to be updating more this summer but I’ve been too busy wandering around Target and watching So You Think You Can Dance. Occasionally I write a post in my head but inevitably forget to jot it down. Now I find myself with the same dilemma I have everytime I start a journal and then forget to write in it for a long time- I feel like I have to recap everything that happened in the gap and inevitably get overwhelmed and don’t write. So no huge recaps. Sorry! This post is simply to break my writer’s block so I can start posting regularly again. So here’s just a few bulletpoints of what we Masons have been up to: Continue reading