Wrapping it up

24 Aug

After a long, fun summer, we’re getting ready to get ready to go. We leave for Cairo on Thursday morning and get there sometime Friday. In May we itching to get out of Cairo and get back to the US. Now we’re looking forward to getting back into our own place, our own routines, and back to everyday life.

On Monday I’ll start making the dreaded piles. What to leave, what to take. I’ll pick up the list that I’ve made of things to pick up at Target and pull the suitcases out from the closet to figure out it we can possibly fit everything. AUC will cover any luggage charges we have, so we’re going to pack our bags to bursting. After years of leaving Manny the Hippie, my acoustic guitar, behind, we’re finally going to box him up and take him with us. The many hours spent playing Guitar Hero have inspired us.

We’ve decided that now that we’ve gotten the hang of surviving in Cairo, we’re going to try to expand our horizons and enjoy new things there. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things we’ll be doing and you’ll be hearing about:

  • keep learning Arabic
  • make and sell more of my paintings and start a business based on some sewing designs for baby things that I’ve been working on
  • learn to play guitar (Patrick)
  • take a belly dancing class (Patrick) (just kidding, that’s me)
  • decorate the apartment and make it more homey
  • rent a car and go to the Red Sea for the weekend
  • visit some or all the places on this year’s list: Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Italy
  • work on new recipes and have people over a lot more
  • explore parts of Cairo we haven’t seen
  • take another AUC class, I’m thinking about Printmaking
  • make a book of family photos for Finn and remind him who everyone is
  • try to grow things in our window planters (our housekeeper is growing popcorn out there. seriously. I’ll take pictures when I get back to show you)

…and lots of other things. We’re going to use the local markets more and try to move outside our comfort zones. I’d like to take Finn to the park more and get to know more of my neighbors, especially with so many new ones moving into our building.

We’ll see how much of this actually gets done, but it’s nice to have goals.


3 Responses to “Wrapping it up”

  1. Kay August 25, 2008 at 5:41 am #

    Good luck. You’re an inspiration to all of us home bodies who don’t like to leave our comfort zones. You will certainly be missed during the year but hopefully, we’ll be able to see you next summer.

  2. Dre August 25, 2008 at 8:24 pm #

    Counting the days to Christmas…………….
    I can hardly bear to see you go again.

  3. Mark & Fran August 26, 2008 at 12:07 am #

    We hope you had fun being in the States.
    Look forward to seeing you again sometime.
    We will be reading about all your adventures
    hope you get to see all the places you want to go.

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