Pictures of D’Nile

23 Sep

I was just uploaded a bunch of pictures and thought I’d share with you.

Finn living up to the origin of his name with his shark jammies:

Visiting the Citadel for the first time. Can you spot the pyramids?

Finn’s sitting on his throne and holding his royal scepter. He refuses to be anywhere but on the table while we eat:

A budding piano prodigy:

At Carrefour (the French Wal-mart), an inspirational toy to encourage girls to dream big:

and also another classic example of Lost in Translation (hat tip to Sara for finding these):

Finn and Rachel:

and the Picture of the Week: Finn scooting across the floor like a chubby GI Joe:


One Response to “Pictures of D’Nile”

  1. Dre September 24, 2008 at 4:04 am #

    I didn’t think it possible for that kid to get any cuter but those pictures in his shark jammies are too, too adorable. Bring that baby back to his grandmas!

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