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Baby Steps

28 Jan

In honor of being one year old, Finn has learned a new trick:

Happy Birthday Finn-shallah

25 Jan

I recently read through the late December through January archives of this blog and re-lived the excitement, anxiety and impatience that led up to January 24, 2008.  It’s nice to be able to laugh about it now. And to appreciate that so many friends and family were part of the anticipation and adventure with us.

Our challenge to predict Finn’s arrival attracted lots of guesses and comments. People were sure they were on the right date. But if you’ll look at the calendar, you’ll notice the last guess was over a week before Finn made his debut. In fact, the calendar doesn’t even go as far as January 24 because we were so sure Finn would have come long before then. I personally bet on him coming 18 days before then. Oh silly silly me.

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Let Them Eat Cake!

19 Jan

Tomorrow we’re having a few friends over for a Party Like a Barack Star Inauguration Watch. Tonight I baked a cake for the party. Let me just say I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now.



Strange Things are Afoot

15 Jan

I don’t know why, but one of the lines I’ve always remembered from the 1980s classic film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure comes when they’re confronted with their own selves from the future (or past, I can’t remember the details of the rather intricate plot) in the parking lot of the local Circle K, and Ted says, “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” I sort of feel that way about the past couple nights in Cairo.

Melissa & I went out by ourselves the past two nights and had a couple of fun, and slightly strange, experiences. I think it was the first time we’ve been out alone two nights in a row since Finn was born (and who knows, it may be the last).
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11 Jan

Sorry for the delay in programming. Our internet has been out for the last week or so. We’re back online now and hoping to stay that way.

Saturday, December 25, 9ish local time


Patrick and I take off our shoes and walk into the building, admiring the massive minarets and vast inner courtyard. The inside takes our breath away with it’s bright blue painted tiles covering every inch of the walls and dome. The artistry is amazing, I want to lay down on the floor and look up. First though, I read out loud from Rick Steves’ Istanbul’s section on the Hagia Sophia. “Look above the door you just entered, the mosaic above is of the Madonna and child…” Up we look, but no mosaic, just traditional Islamic tile design. Huh.  Back to the book, “to your right is the Imperial Gate…” but there’s no gate on our right. “Upstairs is the gallery…” but there is no upstairs. We’re confused, spinning around the room with the guidebook’s narration trying to orient ourselves. Maybe the book is out of date?  Then we flip a few pages over and realize…we’re in the Blue Mosque, not the Hagia Sophia. Continue reading