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Things I’ll Miss #3

23 Mar

Miscellaneous unique experiences-

Last week, the Cairo branch Relief Society (our church’s women’s organization), like Relief Societies around the world, celebrated the organization’s founding. In most wards, this involves a birthday party, usually at the church building. In Cairo, however, this is a perfect excuse for a sail down the Nile. Continue reading


Things I’ll Miss #2

22 Mar – online food delivery. They have everything from fancy Middle Eastern restaurants, to Chinese, Indian, pizza, to McDonalds. The entire menu is online, you just click what you want and a guy on a moped delivers it to you in a half hour. It’s amazing!  Delivery is definitely a plus here. I can call the grocery store and have them deliver whatever I want, or if I go there and my bags are too heavy to carry home, they’ll deliver for me.

Numerous and sometimes random holidays– Last Thursday was Taba Liberation Day. Continue reading

Things I’ll Miss About Egypt

15 Mar

Once we made the decision to move back to the US, I found myself noticing things about everyday Egypt that I would miss. I kept thinking that I need to start a list but I’m terrible about remembering, so I’ve decided to start a running blog list. I’ll just add things as I think of them.

Today’s nostalgia nuggets: Continue reading


10 Mar

I’m cleaning up my blogroll and adding new links. Head on over and check out some of my favorite places.  If I forgot you or you have a blog you’d like added, let me know.