Things I’ll Miss About Egypt

15 Mar

Once we made the decision to move back to the US, I found myself noticing things about everyday Egypt that I would miss. I kept thinking that I need to start a list but I’m terrible about remembering, so I’ve decided to start a running blog list. I’ll just add things as I think of them.

Today’s nostalgia nuggets:

Sentimental Egyptian men– seriously, the all-time favorite movies of men here are Titanic, Love Story, and Sweet November. Notice a theme? Tragic love. An appreciation of sicky sweetness is nothing to be ashamed about here. I like that. I also like that men hold hands and walk arm in arm with friends. It’s nice to see brotherly affection physically expressed. It feels very honest.

Fresh seasonal fruit– it’s sooo good. So so good. We never realized how much better local fruit eaten in season tastes. And it’s crazy cheap. I’ll miss the mangos. They have a large sweet variety of mango here that is scrumptious. And the strawberries are wonderful and a million times cheaper than in the US. Also, fresh juice everywhere. I like being able to order a mango juice or lemon with mint at a restaurant.

The compulsion to give directions even if the giver doesn’t know what they’re talking about- If you asked someone in the US for directions somewhere and they didn’t know, they’d tell you they didn’t know, maybe suggest someone else to ask. Here if they don’t know, they give directions anyway. They send you off the wrong way and probably hope they sent you the right way. Or they come with you and ask everyone along the way for directions, just to make sure you get there. It would be annoying if it weren’t born of a real desire to help.

The call to prayer- You know my feelings about this. The afternoon sky will seem empty without it.

Having a housekeeper- Enough said.

Looking out of a taxicab window and seeing the pyramids in the distance- I hide it, but inside I squeal everytime I see them.

Cheap fabric from the boulak- Extremely cheap, and you can find some real gems. Here’s a few samples that I picked up last week:

Ramadan fabric for a tablecloth.

Ramadan fabric for a tablecloth.

Dusky purple and teal wool. One will be a jacket and the other a pleated skirt.

Dusky purple and teal wool. One will be a jacket and the other a pleated skirt.

Quality linen with a shabby chic pattern

Quality linen with a great shabby chic pattern. I'm working on this right now. It's going to be a duro-style dress.

More to come!

3 Responses to “Things I’ll Miss About Egypt”

  1. Kelly March 16, 2009 at 6:21 pm #

    Melissa, you should pick up a few fun fabrics that go together and I could make you an awesome bag when you come back.

  2. Tracy M March 18, 2009 at 7:23 am #

    Oh, this so good to read. I’m coveting not only the fabric, but the awesome memories you’ll have forever.

  3. Melissa in d'Nile March 18, 2009 at 3:43 pm #

    Oh Kelly, I’m so holding you to that. I’ve been coveting your Kellaford bags since I first saw them.


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