Things I’ll Miss #2

22 Mar – online food delivery. They have everything from fancy Middle Eastern restaurants, to Chinese, Indian, pizza, to McDonalds. The entire menu is online, you just click what you want and a guy on a moped delivers it to you in a half hour. It’s amazing!  Delivery is definitely a plus here. I can call the grocery store and have them deliver whatever I want, or if I go there and my bags are too heavy to carry home, they’ll deliver for me.

Numerous and sometimes random holidays– Last Thursday was Taba Liberation Day. First time ever. The president decided that week to make it a holiday and let schools have the day off. AUC is great in that they’re an equal opportunity holiday taker. They take off Muslim, Christian, Egyptian, and government holidays, not to mention Eastern AND Western Easter. In April, there’s a holiday called Sham el Nessim, which translates to “sniff the air.” It’s a day to enjoy spring. People have picnics everywhere.

Egyptians LOVE babies!– Babies and young kids are treasured here. I never realized how unfriendly Americans are to babies until I came to Egypt. Here babies aren’t an inconvenience.  No one minds if they’re in nice restaurants or even movies. People are always happy to see a baby. Finn gets me discounts at the Khan, lots of help at the grocery store. I can’t walk down the street without stopping at the corner while all the taxi driver and policemen make fools of themselves trying to get Finn to smile.

Yesterday we went to the park and Finn was a huge hit. He got smiles, kisses, people begging to hold him. He climbed the stairs on a tall hill and when he reached the top, all the punk teenagers who hang out started clapping and cheering for him, then picked him up and posed for pictures with him. He was in heaven when another group fell in love with him and kept handing him cell phones to play with.

Speaking of cell phones, people, especially men, love to have cute baby pictures on their cell phones and it’s nothing creepy or suspect. They’re just delighted by cute babies. When we leave Egypt, Finn picture will continue to live on in thousands of cell phones here.


One Response to “Things I’ll Miss #2”

  1. jeff carrier March 24, 2009 at 8:03 pm #

    We tried to get our math teacher to cancel class in honor of square root day (3/3/09), or at least have a party, but she didn’t feel she would get approval from the math dept. head.

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