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Easter Smackdown 2009

28 Apr

There were thirteen of them in the beginning. On a clear Easter morning, as the call to prayer floated above the Cairo rooftops, they prepared themselves for the most important day of their lives. This was what they had been waiting for, their purpose, the reason they had spent the morning getting ready, choosing the perfect color, coming up with names. This was the very reason they had been created. To be a part of…


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The Past Month in D’Nile: An Illustrated Companion

25 Apr

Sorry about the silence around this blog lately. Between trips, illnesses, trips, playing, visitors and sorting things into piles, life in d’nile has been pretty busy. Here is an illustrated guide to what we’ve been up to in the past month.

Finn keeps me busy, especially since he discovered playing outside. Multiple times throughout the day, he’ll run to the front door and throw himself against it to let me know he wants to go out. It’s starting to heat up here though, so I’m not always super excited to take him outside. In other Finn news, he’s also started styling his hair ala Adam Lambert from American Idol.img_33424img_33232

Our awesome friends from South Bend, Jim & Kay came to visit us at the beginning of April and the adventure began. Continue reading