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To the Fair!

13 Jul

The air smelled like sugar and barbecue all at the same time. Around us, interesting looking people wandered from booth to booth, their arms overflowing with elephant ears, goldfish in baggies, and giant stuffed panda bears. To our left, a kid walked by pulling three large cows with colorful spray paint on their bums. Neon lights blinked and danced from the creaking rides nearby, illuminating bored carnies with mullets and goaties pulling levers. The sign above our heads loudly proclaimed “deep fried Pepsi!” We were at the St Joe County Fair. Continue reading


A little Finn-tertainment

13 Jul

Thought I’d share a clip of what Finn was up to in Texas.

Yes, that’s a mop bucket.

State of d’Nile- now with fewer boab stories

9 Jul

What a month it’s been since we last posted. We’ve been crazy busy making the transition from settled expatriates to unsettled transients to settled homeowners. There’s a lot that goes into that. Now the chaos is finally dying down, we have a strong wireless connection courtesy of someone in the neighborhood (we’re getting our own set up tomorrow), and State of d’Nile is back, albeit with a few less boab stories. Continue reading