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Millions of Peaches and a Hint of Fall

22 Sep

So while we’re loving life back in the good ol’ US of A, life just isn’t as strange and interesting and definitely not as bloggable. I don’t have clever boab stories or tales of the latest disastrous vacation on the Red Sea. Everytime I think now “Oooh, I need to blog that!” it usually involves Finn. And while he’s great and all, I’m just really hesitant to become… a mommy blogger. Shh! Even the words make me cringe.

You know what I’m talking about. Blogs that show potty training pictures and are non-stop updates of cute things kids did. It’s just not for me.  With d’Nile, we’ve had so many interesting other things going on that we were able to have more balance. Now that I’m home with Finn and the unborn all day with no Nadia, taxis, or Egyptian soldiers involved, it’s a little more difficult. So I end up not writing at all, rather than forcing myself to blog something I don’t want to.

But I’m going to try to do better. Because come on, life isn’t totally boring just because there aren’t sandstorms in South Bend. Continue reading