Millions of Peaches and a Hint of Fall

22 Sep

So while we’re loving life back in the good ol’ US of A, life just isn’t as strange and interesting and definitely not as bloggable. I don’t have clever boab stories or tales of the latest disastrous vacation on the Red Sea. Everytime I think now “Oooh, I need to blog that!” it usually involves Finn. And while he’s great and all, I’m just really hesitant to become… a mommy blogger. Shh! Even the words make me cringe.

You know what I’m talking about. Blogs that show potty training pictures and are non-stop updates of cute things kids did. It’s just not for me.  With d’Nile, we’ve had so many interesting other things going on that we were able to have more balance. Now that I’m home with Finn and the unborn all day with no Nadia, taxis, or Egyptian soldiers involved, it’s a little more difficult. So I end up not writing at all, rather than forcing myself to blog something I don’t want to.

But I’m going to try to do better. Because come on, life isn’t totally boring just because there aren’t sandstorms in South Bend.

The weather has been changing and this past week you could see fall just around the corner. The tops of trees have started changing, the farmer’s market is starting to fill with ugly mishapen squash, the air in the morning is slightly crisper, making it harder for me to surrender my fluffy cocoon of covers and pillows. I decided to take Finn up to my favorite farm for my annual ritual for picking fruit and thinking about canning it before giving up and just eating it.

I called up a new friend, Janelle, who has an adorable daughter around Finn’s age and just moved to South Bend where her husband is starting his Ph.D. Long termers, we like those! She was game so we hopped in my car and got to know each other while Finn and Dorothy chattered and passed goldfish back and forth behind us.

IMG_3595It was a gorgeous day to be out and just about everything left at the farm was ripe for picking. We started at the peach tress, which smelled AMAZING. Finn insisted on carrying the bucket and we kept having to find low hanging peaches that he could reach. He was a little too excited after picking though and would throw the peach triumphantly into the bucket with full force. I had to keep tossing them out behind his back.

Picking peaches

Picking peaches

We headed over to the raspberries and blackberries, which is where the kids went crazy. Both were holding their own containers and filling them with raspberries, leaves, dirt and whatever else would fit. They, and we, ate more than our weight straight off the bushes. Mmmm…

Once we hit the blackberries, Finn would dig through the bucket for the largest one and then carry it around and suck on it for a while. He’s been on a hunger strike for the last week or two, so I kept passing them over to him to keep eating.

The whole haul was ridiculously cheap and we had gotten there pretty late in the day so we didn’t have a ton of time. We decided to head back the next day and invited Rebecca, another new Ph.D. wife, along with us. The kids were a little more impatient this time, but we still enjoyed ourselves. I decided to get more peaches so I could can some for winter and make peach butter. I stocked up on more berries too to freeze so Finn would have snacks to last.


When we pulled out from the field onto the main road to head back to the barn, a lady who was going crazy fast came right up on my bumper and laid on the horn. Seriously unnecessary. It made me so angry that she would be so dangerous when I had kids in the car. We were all ticked and I kept my speed pretty low the whole 500 feet to the turnoff for the barn, at which point she screamed at us and flipped us off. Idiot lady. My kid is worth so much more than the extra 30 seconds she would have saved.  Plus, I should be the only person on the road allowed to have road rage. IMG_3611

We hit the apple orchard next and although we were trying to go to specific varieties, we got a little lost and just picked here and there. The honeycrisp are amazing, I’m enjoying one right now. The grapes were picked over so we skipped those but headed over to the sunflower field to pick some flowers. They were HUGE. Bigger than my head! I chopped a few different kinds and they’re looking mighty cheery on my dining room table.

IMG_3604I love fall! I’m excited for cider and pumpkin patches and corn mazes and leaves for Finn to jump in. I love crisp football games (more on those in a next post) and long sleeved t-shirts. It’s not mummies and undersea adventures, but it’s what makes me happy here and what you’ll be hearing about soon.

Peach butter- so yummy to spread on toast!

Peach butter- so yummy to spread on toast!

Canned peaches and jam make winter bearable!

Canned peaches and jam make winter bearable! (I canned and photo'd these last time)


2 Responses to “Millions of Peaches and a Hint of Fall”

  1. Grandma LeAnn September 22, 2009 at 6:17 am #

    Two things: 1) What happened to my baby Finn?? That’s a little boy picking peaches! Adorable, simply adorable. I can hardly wait to hear his response when he’s a teenager and you ask him if he wants to go pick fruit. 2) I was going to chide you for not using Mason jars until I saw the word “Mason” below “Ball”. Good work, Domestic Goddess.

  2. Kay September 29, 2009 at 8:51 pm #

    Considering how many people are now responding to your blog, maybe not that many people are actually reading it anymore. So don’t worry that it’s not all about amazing adventures and boab stories. Anyway, Finn stories are pretty precious and amazing.

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