7 Oct

It must be a combination of crisp fall weather, friends having babies in the past couple weeks, and an early nesting period, but I have been knitting like a grandma on crack lately.

My hobbies come in waves. Something will inspire me and I’ll go crazy gathering supplies, planning projects, completing some of them, and then losing steam until the next hobby hits. IMG_3649The last one was sewing for Finn. I made him a large fleece blanket for his crib, then found this great flannel to make warm sheets for him. I also picked up blue terrycloth because it was on super-sale (which is what I say to justify spontaneous purchases. but really it was pretty cheap) with which to make him a bathrobe. Until multiple people asked me when he would possibly wear this bathrobe. I pictured it for right when he comes out of the bath. But seeing as how he goes straight from the bath into his pajamas and into bed, it would seem that a towel does the trick just fine. So that project is on indefinite hiatus.

So like I mentioned, my newest obsession is knitting fast and furiously. I started working on this hat for Finn with charcoal gray yarn with colorful stripes on the scarf rather than a solid color.finn hat

This was triggered by the cold spell that hit us and shocked poor unsuspecting Finn last week. I went to the local yarn shop where I was reintroduced to shelves and baskets filled with lush yarns in gorgeous colors. Yarn combines two of my favorite things: color and comfort. I can spend hours in a yarn store squeezing the soft bundles and holding several colors together to admire them. In fact I almost did spend hours in there picking out colors for Finn’s hat/scarf until, in a feat of acrobatic genius, he managed to unclip part of the strap in his umbrella stroller and flip himself over so he was stuck upside down with no way of getting up. I almost left him like that, but there were several friendly grandma-types around who looked concerned. Anyways, looking at all that amazing yarn set off my latest hobby kick.

My next project was to make a hat and booties for a friend’s baby due in several weeks. IMG_3650I had to move the project to the head of the queue though, when she went into labor two weeks early (and her husband in California 😦 ) this weekend. Here’s the completed work.   I went to visit on Sunday and met her teeny (7 lbs 11oz but teeny to me) little baby girl and got to spend time with her and hold her while said friend napped. She’s just adorable and gave me a tangible way to think of our own baby on the way. leaf hatSince then, I’ve been more excited about this baby in a more real and concrete way than I was before. Once I’m done with this project, I’m moving straight on to this for a friend’s newborn baby boy (named Finn!).

I’ve realized that my increasingly frequent trips to the yarn shop for soft baby knits and constant work on this tiny projects is kind of my way of coping with not knowing what we’re having and not being able to start knitting for our own baby yet. So I’m throwing all of my focus into these other projects.

Thankfully, we have our ultrasound in the morning. Initially, it was scheduled for next Monday, but I called back and used my Egypt skills to badger the hospital and now we’re going in first thing tomorrow morning.  I’m pretty sure that the second we find out if we’re having a girl or boy, I’ll be back at the yarn store squeezing for ultimate softness and comparing colors for the most luscious and beautiful hues.  I think Patrick is secretly cursing Dre for teaching me how to knit.

P hatIn the meantime, once these tiny projects are done, I have this hat on the needles for Patrick in a chocolate brown tweed and one of these wristgloves finished and needing a partner in a fun gold yarn. It’s going to be a busy fall.

As soon as we have a baby update, we’ll let you know!


One Response to “Knit-picking”

  1. Nancy October 7, 2009 at 11:30 pm #

    Yeah, I’ve been wanting to make some pumpkin hats for Rachel and Miriam…only I can’t knit. So I’d have to find a crochet pattern…ugh. One day I’ll learn.

    Also I want to make a head for a stick horse.

    But the yarn store here is…mediocre…

    Cute projects, though! We miss you! And we’ve been invited over to your old house to play. How weird is that? Shaheen moved in…she said she knows Patrick…anyway…

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