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El Mariachi

3 Nov

What is Halloween if not the perfect opportunity to force your children to look ridiculous for your own amusement? Case in point.

So this year I wavered for a while on what Finn’s costume was going to be. I was pretty proud of last years and wanted something equally unique. My first idea was Max from Where the Wild Things Are but Patrick pointed out that it might be a popular idea. It turns out it wasn’t, because there are no commercially produced Max costumes, so only kids of amazingly talented mamas were Max. Check out this amazing one by a friend in our ward.

So I moved on the leprechaun idea. With his red curls and charm, Finn would be the most adorable Notre Dame mascot ever. Plus we could take him to campus on game days and show him off. When it came time to make the costume though, I just let it get way too late and then got intimidated by having to sew a vest and jacket. Maybe next year. We scrambled and settled on aging rock star (we had just seen It Might Get Loud and were inspired by Jimmy Page’s rambling coolness). But then while in Texas, inspiration hit and the perfect costume hit us: mariachi! Continue reading


The Aftermath

2 Nov

So I think the twins shock is finally starting to wear off,  if that’s even possible. We’ve gotten used to the idea and started doing our research. We still have many momentary panics as we realize yet another way that life will be completely changed, but we figure that we wouldn’t be blessed with these babies if we couldn’t handle them. And my mantra from Finn’s early months is being resurrected when I need reassurance: “Stupider women than me have done this.” If I knew how to cross-stitch, that would definitely go on a pillow. Continue reading