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The Story of Us

30 Dec

I was sitting in my new dorm room with a phone number in hand. “Call Patrick Mason at this number,” the man I talked to had said. After some lost in translation with a Sierra Leonian (?) roommate, Patrick came on the line. I briefly explained that I had just gotten back to campus for my sophomore year and needed a way to get to my new church on Sundays. Patrick said he’d arrange a ride for me and we hung up. Rarely did Notre Dame students show up at the Mormon church, so Patrick was intrigued. I think mainly he was wondering if I was cute. Continue reading


Boy and girl? So are they identical??

22 Dec

Pretty much every pregnant woman goes through the same routine once she starts to show. People stop her on on the street, in the grocery store, etc and let loose with a barrage of questions. If these people are of the “I’m oblivious to personal boundaries” variety, they’ll reach out and touch your tummy while asking questions. And frankly there is nothing more awkward than standing there helpless while someone is touching your tummy. I can never figure out what to do with my arms, so they just hang there, silently begging me to let them smack said toucher.

If you’re having twins, multiply these encounters exponentially, especially the unwelcome touches from strangers. And, for some odd reason, almost all grocery store encounters take place in the produce section. I haven’t yet figured out why that is yet. Continue reading

Some Favorites to Peruse

19 Dec

Like thousands of others, I’m hooked on Nie Nie. Her gorgeous photographs and unique sense of style drew me in initially. Then she and her husband were in a horrific plane crash and her story since then has kept me going back. If you are one of the few who haven’t checked her out yet, you can do so here: The Nie Nie Dialogues. The Arizona Republic just ran a fantastic feature that told her whole story for the first time. I put on Sesame Street for Finn and sat here devouring it. Wow. Just wow.

Also, I’ve realized lately how many awesome crafty people there are in our ward here. One of them is my friend Jennie, who just started an etsy store. Her designs are gorgeous and oh so tempting. Perfect for a gift or to spoil your own little girls. The pantaloons make me especially happy. Check out her shop: 3Three

Speaking of Etsy, Tracy M, from one of my favorite blogs Dandelion Mama, also has a shop for her paintings and quilt designs. She recently showed at the huge Quilt Market in Houston and I think she made quite a splash with her fun designs. Check her store out: Dandelion Mama on Etsy.

Just thought I’d share some of my bookmarks with you.

Snapshots from Texas

16 Dec

As you can see, that whole blogpost-a-day thing went REALLY well for me. Yeah, so…

Maybe mini-posts suit me better.

In October, Finn and I traveled to Texas for a couple weeks so Finn could have some quality grandparent time and I could go to Jesse’s wedding reception.

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