Holiday Snapshots

3 Jan

Our cheery mantle. I refused to let Patrick build a Christmas fire, I'm terrified of our fireplace. As far as I'm concerned, it's just for decoration.

Egyptian nativity handmade by an artist who lived down the street from us. I love it!

A close-up of Finn's stocking, made by a famous tapestry artist.

Our Christmas morning tradition getting ready to pop in the oven. Yum!

Finn must have been a really good boy when we weren't looking. Santa brought him a tree's worth of gifts.

Finn's rockin' Christmas morning, courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa.

Finn annexed our office/craftroom and made it his playroom. He is one happy boy when playing back here.

Bathtime is way more fun with toys courtesy of GiGi and Great-grandpa Joel.

Finn LOVED sledding down a friend's hill. Shortly after this picture was taken, he steered my way and sent me flying head over heels into the snow.

Finn helped Patrick shovel the driveway using a dustpan. He would scoop the snow and then go dump into the snowpile.

The happy shovelers.


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