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A Great Loss

24 May

We lost Patrick’s wonderful dad, Mike, on Saturday. Just days after spending the week with us in Indiana, he suffered complications during a routine surgery. On Friday, the Dr. told us to come quickly and we were lucky enough to be on a plane to Salt Lake within hours, three kids in tow. We were blessed to be able to spend time with him and say our goodbyes. On Saturday, Mike passed peacefully, surrounded by his family. It’s a great loss for us, and a greater loss for our kids who he loved so much. We will miss him deeply and the joy and wisdom he brought to our lives.

The obituary can be found here.


Scenes from the Homefront

19 May

Guess Where I’m Going Tonight…

7 May

I’ve been a restless ball of excitement all day, looking at the clock and counting down the hours. Why? Because tonight, Patrick and I are going…

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A Day in the Life, Part 2

4 May

2:51- Rhett is toying with me. I mentally gave up on my nap when I heard him stir. Now that I’m standing over him, I realize that he’s gone back to sleep. He looks so innocent, despite the fact that in his cute little head he’s dreaming about ways to drive me crazy.

3:05- I’ve just laid back down when my phone starts ringing. Continue reading

A Day in the Life, part 1.

3 May

What’s day to day life with twins like? It’s like day to day life with a single baby, except you have twice the chaos, twice the laundry, twice the mess, twice the feedings, burpings, and changings, and the crying is in stereo. Or to put it another way, you have half the time, freedom, meals, showers, and downtime. And with most of those things, half means zero. For example, every morning I have to ask myself “breakfast or shower?” Thanks to those yucky instant breakfast drinks, shower frequency has increased, to the relief of all around me.

At the same time you have double the adorable soft chubby babies to squeeze, better odds that there will be a baby in a cuddly mood around, twice the toothless smiles when they see your face, stylish outfits in both blues and pinks, and coos in stereo.

Plus you get eerie moments that you don’t get with a singleton. Take a few minutes ago, the babies were stretching out on the ground and making various baby noises while I was logging into this blog. All of the sudden I noticed it had gone quiet. I looked down and saw that both babies had twisted around and were staring at me silently. Two sets of eyes watching me, the distinct feeling that they were plotting, and the uncomfortable realization that I was outnumbered and if anything happened no one would find me until late afternoon. Continue reading