A Day in the Life, Part 2

4 May

2:51- Rhett is toying with me. I mentally gave up on my nap when I heard him stir. Now that I’m standing over him, I realize that he’s gone back to sleep. He looks so innocent, despite the fact that in his cute little head he’s dreaming about ways to drive me crazy.

3:05- I’ve just laid back down when my phone starts ringing. It’s my Dr’s office. After trying many many things to get rid of this pesky post-partum depression, only to have it fight back and hard, I decided to finally try medication. They have a few minutes open at 4:00. I call Kay who says she’ll be over soon to watch the kids.

3:20- I’m feeling good that everyone is sleeping. When someone watches my kids, I want it to be as easy for them as possible. Suddenly I hear a crash from upstairs followed by a “Mom! Mom! Moooooom!!” Finn is up early from his nap. Usually he stretches it to three hours of intermittent napping and reading to himself, happy as a clam. Not today.  Desperate, I ask if he’ll go back to sleep in my bed. He says yes and charms me by snuggling into my pillow and under the down comforter, his flushed little face looking so sweet. It lasts for about two seconds before he pops up again. “Downstairs?” he asks. Sigh.

3:30- Finn crashes around the living room, despite me trying to keep him quiet. Too late. Both babies have now woken up. Lucy is still drowsy but Rhett wants up. I put on a DVD for Finn and nurse Rhett while rocking Lucy’s car seat with my foot and running back and forth from the kitchen warming a bottle for Kay to feed Lucy.

3:50- Kay arrives and takes over. I experience the thrill of freedom as I close my car door and all is quiet.

4:40- I leave the Dr’s office with a prescription for Zoloft. I feel like a cliche. On the plus side, I love our family doctor. He really is a total gem.

5:30- I have Lucy in the babywrap and Rhett actually asleep in the baby swing. Finn is consuming his weight in pork tenderloin left over from Stacy’s birthday dinner last night. Pork is the one thing besides salty carbs that Finn will actually eat. We think its backlash from having spent the first 18 months of his life in a Muslim country. I make tacos and wait for Patrick to come home. He’s giving his final exam so he’ll be late tonight.

6:30- I find myself eating on the floor again. Finn is watching his horrible Elmo’s Potty Time DVD. Rhett is babbling in the bouncy chair and Lucy is perched on my lap. I keep dropping taco meat on her.

6:55- I’m in the kitchen when Patrick walks in the door. I hear a fork clatter onto a plate in the living room and Finn comes skidding around the corner and throws himself at Patrick’s knees. I go into the living room and sure enough, my taco has disappeared from my plate. I find it on the baby blanket.

7ish- Meltdowns have begun all around. Patrick takes the screaming infants  upstairs to feed and put to bed while I finish dinner. Finn is playing with his trains when I hear a scream and he comes running to me crying big fat tears with a scrape on his chin. I clean him up and take him to get ready for bed but he decides he only wants Patrick. He screams and claws and grabs onto the door frame of his bedroom. Finally I turn him over to Patrick and take over with the babies. They settle in and nurse peacefully, then drift off to sleep. Meanwhile, Finn is flipping out and has multiple time outs before calming down enough for Patrick to put him to bed.

9:00- The twins are asleep (mostly) and Patrick is eating dinner. He’s heading out to have a “Manly Bro Evening” with some of the guys. He’s looking exhausted and deserves some relaxation. Although this post doesn’t really show it, he takes up all the extra slack and then some around here. His day is as full and endless as mine, although his is less filled with hormones and screaming infants.

9:30- I sit down to finish this blog. The house is finally quiet and relatively clean. Once I post this, I’ll lay back and nap until the twins’ 11 pm feeding. Patrick usually takes this one and I go to bed early but we’re switching tonight. I’ll feed them, then go to bed. Patrick will take the middle of the night feeding and I’ll get a nice long stretch of sleep before waking up at 7:30 to start all over again.

And that, my friends, is my day.

What isn’t mentioned in the moments above are all the kisses I gave the kids’ soft cheeks, or how I’d pick them up and nuzzle their faces and smell their little baby smell. Or how when I’m trying to calm Rhett in his bouncy chair, Finn comes up and gives me a huge hug then hands me a pacifier for Rhett. Or later when Finn and I are dancing around the living room to Elmo’s potty song. In chronicling the chaos of the day to day, it’s hard to convey the little moments that keep me going. Right now I’m looking down at two beautiful sleeping babies fluttering their eyelids in their sleep and I can hear Finn upstairs singing the ABC’s to himself.  Life is the hardest right now that it’s ever been, but it’s also the sweetest.


5 Responses to “A Day in the Life, Part 2”

  1. Kirsten Christensen May 3, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    Melissa — you write beautifully, even — or perhaps especially — about chaos. I’m exhausted and inspired, esp. by the reminder that the hardest times can also be the sweetest. Note to self: remember that…

  2. Mom May 3, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    I am in awe and worn-out just reading both blogs. You are my hero(ine)!

    P.S. I knew Elmo’s Potty World would be money well spent. If Finn isn’t potty trained when I visit this summer, he will be when I leave.

  3. Kay May 4, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    Janelle Lewis you’re not reading this are you????

    Louisa, good luck with the potty training.

    Melissa, we are all in awe of you and Patrick!

  4. rebecca May 5, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    You such a seriously talented writer. I loved the part about the twins plotting. I’m so impressed that you can maintain your sense of humor through such a long long day of baby tending. By the way, my sister struggled with major post-partum and she was glad that she started taking medicine after her second, she said she could actually enjoy her babies then. So I hope it works as well for you.

  5. Judy May 20, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Hi Melissa, I love reading your blog…. I hope you are doing better with some medicine, looks like it has been about 2 weeks. The medicine can take a a while Yikes). I love seeing the new pictures of your babies today……

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