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Photos from the other side of the world

28 Jun

Jet-lagged by the Rhine River.

Crazy sculpture that we stumbled on coming out of a quaint alleyway.

All the streets in Dusseldorf are charming.

We popped into a bakery because their bread loaves looked like works of art. We were walking around saying "wooow." The baker thought we were a little nutty.

Ich bin ein berliner? Notice the soccer players. The black and white face cookies on the left were labeled as "Amerikans vs Afrikans." (they were referring to the US vs Ghana game, but still)

Fresh berries at the town square.

Everyone ordering their authentic German bratwursts.


Greetings from…Dusseldorf??

28 Jun

As any follower of our travels knows, rarely do any of our planned trips turn out as we expect. Sometimes we find ourselves in a new and unexpected adventure and sometimes we end up wishing we had never left home. As I type, we’re supposed to be on a boat tour along the Bosphorus after spending the afternoon decompressing from an international flight to Istanbul. We left South Bend early Friday morning with an easy itinerary- straight to O’Hare, then New York, then Istanbul. Bing bang boom, simple.  Instead, we’re in something like hour twenty-five of traveling and in that time span have unexpectedly found ourselves looking for Obama’s Chicago home, finding that we were in fact going to be heading to Rome, deciding we didn’t want to wait around for that flight, hopping an overnight to Germany, and spending a beautiful summer day in the charming city of Dusseldorf. After all that, I’m now sitting on a flight to Istanbul, on which I’ve unfortunately touched more crotches than Michael Jackson.

Seriously, it’s been quite a day. Continue reading

Here and There

13 Jun

Time has been passing by really quickly. I’m shocked to find that it’s summer. Not just summer, but middle of June. I feel like I’ve been through a 4-month time warp.

All the twin parents say that the first few months is a blur. They aren’t kidding. I try to think back to specific events and find that I can’t remember very much. It’s like my memory is full of holes. I’ve said it here before,  but I feel like I’ve been wandering in a fog for months and months.

Things have started to get a lot better. The babies have really developed personality and have grown chubby and distinct. They smile constantly and Rhett is a chatterbox- unfortunately he likes to have conversations late at night when he has my undivided attention. Now I know how Patrick feels when he’s trying to sleep and I keep talking to him. Continue reading