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Lots of pictures!!

28 Aug

After months of our poor laptop wheezing and coughing and repeatedly reminding us that it was too tired to do what we told it to, we finally retired it and replaced it with a newer, faster desktop. It’s a wonderful thing to not have to wait 20 minutes for the computer to start up and then be inundated by repeated notifications that the hard disk was almost full. I’ve been busy installing new software and transferring our thousands of pictures, several hundred of which have been languishing on our camera for months while our laptop yelled “no more, we’re closed!”

Coming soon, the continuation of that marvelous trip to Turkey. For now, here are a few glimpses into our world recently. Continue reading


Resisting the Minivan

12 Aug

I’ve reached the point in my life that comes to any mom with multiple children. I always thought it would be a few more years before this milestone. But here I find myself, at the tender age of 27, weighing the pros and cons of…the minivan.

Yes, the dreaded minivan. The oversized behemoth that has more power over it’s owner’s identity than any car except perhaps the red convertible sports car driven by a man with a receding hairline. Along with power-steering and automatic sidedoors, the minivan comes standard with the ability to completely wipe out any trace of it’s owner’s previous identity. Not a smidge of hip, with-it-ness left. It brings with it the compulsion to decorate the back window with stick figure decals representing your family members, dog included.

But Melissa, you say, your coolness will overcome the minivan image. You’re way to hip and with-it to be overshadowed by what you drive. My friends, this is true. Continue reading