Finn’s Sammy

9 Nov

Strangely enough, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about Sammy. Sammy was a student studying in Cairo (her Arabic is amazing!) and a friend of friends in our little Cairo church branch who we met briefly at a Halloween party where she helped me paint faces. During our last year in Egypt, Sammy was looking for a place to stay for a few days while she figured out her living situation and we, having lots of extra space, happily volunteered our apartment. Her apartment hunt was the typical frustrating wild goose chase and we decided to just have her stay with us and pay rent. She ended up staying the year and became one of Finn’s favorite people in the world. Every morning he would sit calmly in her lap while she ate her cereal with one hand and worked on her laptop with the other. He NEVER attempted to press buttons or touch the computer. I KNOW! If you know Finn at all, you realize what a remarkable thing this is.

Anyways, Sammy and Finn had a special relationship and it was sad to part them when we left Cairo. Sammy stayed on an extra year to complete her studies and moved back to the US this summer. We’ve been trying to coordinate a good time for her to come visit for months now and finally worked it out for this past weekend.

I wondered whether Finn would remember her. I doubted it, he was about fifteen months old when he last saw her. We have a picture of her and Finn at the pyramids on our wall so he knows her face. The babies especially love that picture because it hangs above their changing table and they can reach it and knock it down.

Around the time Sammy was due to arrive, I told Finn that she was on her way. He ran to the couch and perched there, constantly looking out the window to she if she was there yet. When she finally pulled up, he got so excited that he knocked the curtains down and started banging on the glass to get her attention. When she came in, he acted shy for a few minutes but then warmed up and would not leave her side.

The whole weekend was a refrain of “Sammy, follow me!” as he led her around from toy to toy. When she left the room, it was “where Sammy?” One morning he asked and I told her he was in the shower. He said “okay” and started heading upstairs. I had to stop him and explain that she needed a few minutes by herself. He was in heaven with his Sammy. She’s amazing with him and it’s clear they have a special connection. Watching how he immediately hugged her and crawled into her lap when she came in, there’s no doubt in my mind that he remembered her on some level.

It was great to spend time with her again. She’s easy to talk to and super interesting. While she was here, we went to campus to walk around. Lucky for Finn, a handful of ducks hadn’t gotten the memo about flying south, despite our first snow the day before, and they were eager to be fed. He also jumped in melted snow puddles and showed off his wicked squirrel chasing skills, which include yelling up at trees “hey squirrel, come down PLEASE!” We played board games, went to lunch with friends and had dinner with other friends. Yesterday morning we took the kids to the zoo and Finn showed Sammy all of his animals. He already thinks he owns the zoo and yesterday we were the only people there so it just reinforced that idea. It was a mellow but fun weekend.

Finn was devastated when Sammy left. He cried big fat tears and begged her “Sammy stay at Finn’s house!” While she drove away, I walked him to the corner to watch a train go by. When it was passed, I asked him if he was sad. He gave a huge world-weary sigh and said “yep.” He seems to be doing better today but did mention at one point how he loves Sammy.

Sammy brought Finn some new books to read. He's been sleeping with them in his bed.

At the zoo he found some gates where he pretended to be an animal in a cage.

Finn showing his animals to Sammy.

That is one adoring little boy.


2 Responses to “Finn’s Sammy”

  1. Nancy November 9, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    I also adore Sammy! I’m so happy you got to visit with her. She is a child-tamer, I tell you!

    I miss all of you, Sammy included!

  2. Lindsey December 21, 2010 at 8:29 am #

    Aww! That is so great that you got to catch up with Sammy 🙂 Tell her I say “Hi”

    …… It’s crazy how Finn is growing up. Too bad he’s a big boy and can’t have those gorgeous curls anymore 😦

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