On the Home Front

24 May

Our washer died a few days ago. I loaded it full of the kids clothes and got it going. About three hours later I went downstairs to switch it over and noticed 1) that it was still going and 2) there was a burning smell in the air. Crap. We got a repairman over to look at it and he basically told us to take it out back and shoot it. It would cost more to fix than to buy a new one.  So today we spent the morning going from store to store looking at new washers and feeling sick about having to spend such a large chunk of cash. I’m going to spend the afternoon researching the ones we saw and find one that we can get soon. Laundry is piled up to the ceiling and the babies are wearing the same clothes several days in a row. Finn is out of pajamas so we’re just putting him in whatever light t-shirts and pants we can find.

We put our house up for sale in late March and were slammed with showings, sometimes 3-4 per day. It was peak academic season, when new professors come into town to find homes. Within three weeks we had a buyer and after some back and forth he made an offer we were happy with. We moved forward from them, booking tickets to go find our house in California in early June, setting up our summer schedule which was insanely complicated. The home inspection went swimmingly and all looked well. The day after the inspection, we got hit with major rainstorms. A few days later the inspector came back to pick up his radon tester and noticed water in the basement. It had come up from the ground and seeped in, a common and well-known problem in this neighborhood but one we’d never had since living here. The buyer got spooked and wanted us to pay a ton of money to waterproof the basement. We argued that it was a luxury repair and the inspectors had said that there was no defect or damage with the house and that it was sound. We just couldn’t pay that much money for the repair, it would mean coming out of the sale in the hole.  The buyer said he’d walk. We told him to walk. After all, we’d had so much interest in the house that we weren’t worried about finding another buyer.

In the two weeks since we’ve been back on the market, we’ve had exactly one showing. The academic house hunting season ended while we were moving forward with our original buyer. Now things are much slower and I’m starting to worry. Also, I’d like to break our fickle ex-buyer’s kneecaps.

On the upside, it’s finally spring! Real spring, not South Bend spring that could bring snow and freezes at any point. I’ve put the kids winter clothes away and they’re wearing shorts and cute summer clothes now. At least they are when they have clean clothes. Lucy has been looking slightly homeless lately as I haven’t quite gotten around to buying her new clothes yet. Rhett is easy because he just goes right into Finn’s old stuff. It weird seeing him in clothes that are so familiar from Finn wearing them. He wore Finn’s orange plaid shirt to church a few weeks ago, the one that we took our family pyramid pictures in, and it was like having a tiny little Finn with me.

We’ve been making use of the backyard. Finn and I planted some flowers and herbs and we’ll plant our vegetable garden soon. This time we’re going to buy fewer  tomato plants and actually use cages so we don’t end up with tomatopalooza again this year.

I’m a week and a half from the Sunburst 10k I’ve been preparing for. It’s been up and down doing this training. I’ve been running three night a week and some nights I have great runs and feel confident and other nights are just brutal and discouraging. After Saturday’s run I was really tempted to switch to the 5k but last night’s run went so well that I’m feeling good again. Still, I’m convinced I’ll be the one limping in at the back of the pack on race day. I’ve had super painful shin splints for several weeks now and I’ve developed runner’s Tourette’s. I limp along swearing and muttering. I just have to hope that there are people in the event who are way worse than I am.

Anyways, that’s the sunny news around here. Here’s hoping things start looking up.

In the meantime, here’s the latest pics of the kids.




Rhett's curls


3 Responses to “On the Home Front”

  1. Daniel Garcia May 24, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    I’m sorry aren’t you from the Valley, where’s the can do spirit a wire line and a bucket full of detergent cant solve? Nows your chance to actually stone wash your clothes to see how Levis actually does it. Hint: by not actually smacking clothes against flat rocks.

  2. Stacie May 24, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Sorry. I fully expect things will work out (i.e., you’ll have a buyer ere long, find a good place in CA, and not have to be homeless this summer), but it’s hard not to stress out right about now.

  3. Liz May 24, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Are you serious?! ONE SHOWING?! That is insane. I’m so sorry.

    In other news, I have a new goal for Sunburst: have fun. If that means I have to walk a bit, that’s fine. But I am going to have fun, dagnabbit.

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