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I Survived the Sunburst 10K!

4 Jun

Hoo wee I am wiped out!!! But I’m here and I’m still alive and kicking (the children who won’t stop crawling up my leg).

So where to start. How about three months ago when Liz and I were commiserating on how out of shape we were and how we’d both like to be the kind of people who run for fun-except that we both hate running. So we decided to set a goal to run a 5K this summer. The Sunburst Races are held every summer here and are kind of a big deal, with races ranging from a 5K walk to a full Boston qualifier marathon. So we met at the gym on campus a few times and started running. I think we made it a full lap around the 1/8 mile track at some point but maybe I’m remembering wrong. We both felt like elephants lumbering around that track. Then we started tossing around the idea of a 10K, even though we couldn’t run a tenth of a K without falling over. I thought it sounded pretty impossible until Liz said she’d registered for it. Crap. I registered too, we both downloaded the Couch to 10K app to our various iThingies and got started on a three day a week thirteen week program. The first workout was something like run 30 seconds, walk five minutes for an hour. We were a long way away from a 10K.

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Scenes from a Backyard

2 Jun

How could anyone not want to buy this house? The backyard alone is so perfect. Now that spring/summer weather is finally here, we’ve been spending a lot of time out back. Yesterday we had a nice lazy afternoon. I spread out a blanket and laid back watching the kids play. Lucy is afraid of grass, much like another child I remember, so she stayed on the blanket with me, occasionally leaning forward to rip grass to shreds and cackle maniacally. Rhett was a little explorer, traveling to every corner of the yard on his hands and knees. Finn ran around like the three-year old that he is, pausing occasionally to body slam me. I documented the afternoon:

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