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Fair vs. Fair

5 Sep

Call me a skeptic, but when I, a recently transplanted Midwesterner, saw ads everywhere for the Los Angeles County Fair, I may have rolled my eyes a bit. I mean seriously, LA, with its breezy attitude, fake boobs and materialistic culture, has a county fair? Do they even know what a county fair is? Don’t they realize that some people around here may have actually been to a real (midwestern) county fair and have pretty high standards for what constitutes one? I mean really, there’s no way they could have hot dog pig races around here without being ironic about it.

But it’s Labor Day and that meant that admission to the Fair was only $1 today. Sold! Continue reading


California is Rad

2 Sep

So contrary to the naysayers who thought we’d never make it once they heard we were planning to drive from Indiana to Utah without stopping for the night, we have made it. We are all safe, alive and Californians. We’re missing our friends in Indiana but adjusting well here. Mostly. I’m sweating like a pig. More on that later.

I’ll abridge our trip out here, mostly because everything has been so busy lately that I’ve forgotten most of it. The drive went well though. We picked my dad up in Chicago and kept on driving. The kids were so happy to have him with us. We drove for a few hours and then stopped at a parking lot in nowhere Illinois to let the kids stretch their legs. There was a tall hill that Finn ran up. Rhett and Lucy took off after him but kept slipping. Everytime they did, they’d roll a few feet down the hill before catching themselves. It was awesome. Continue reading