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Under the Tuscan Sun (c’mon, this title was just begging to be used)

25 Apr

The farmhouse that we stayed it near Florence deserves it’s own blog post. It was that good.

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Day Two in the Floating City, then Onwards to Tuscany!

23 Apr

Me: “Did you know that Venice is sinking?”

Patrick (in a German accent) “What is it sinking about?”

We woke up in our little Jolly Camping trailer somewhat refreshed. I say somewhat because sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Lucy woke me up with bloodcurdling screams followed by terrified sobbing. She ran into my room to tell me…that there were four ants in the bathroom. FOUR ants. Oh, the humanity. Continue reading


Behold, our young Poet Laureates

20 Apr

In homeschool today, we learned about poetry. Have you ever tried to explain poetry to five-year olds? Anyways, it was mildly successful because afterwards I gave the kids the task of writing a poem together. They did a decent job and enjoyed it so much that they wrote two more. Here they are for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

The Masons Take Venice

18 Apr

Thursday, April 9

We woke the kids up around 4:30 so we could get to the airport and catch our 6 am flight from Timisoara to Venice. We were thrilled a few months ago when we found that with one of Europe’s discount airlines, WizzAir, we could fly to Venice for about $17 per person. Umm… yes please.

We were a little nervous, though, about whether Italy would be miserable with three small children. There was so much we wanted to see and enjoy, would they allow that with their tiny bladders, quickly exhausted legs, and lack of appreciation for Renaissance art? So I formulated a plan and put it in motion two weeks before we left.

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