The Masons Take Venice

18 Apr

Thursday, April 9

We woke the kids up around 4:30 so we could get to the airport and catch our 6 am flight from Timisoara to Venice. We were thrilled a few months ago when we found that with one of Europe’s discount airlines, WizzAir, we could fly to Venice for about $17 per person. Umm… yes please.

We were a little nervous, though, about whether Italy would be miserable with three small children. There was so much we wanted to see and enjoy, would they allow that with their tiny bladders, quickly exhausted legs, and lack of appreciation for Renaissance art? So I formulated a plan and put it in motion two weeks before we left.

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The Kids Are Alright

31 Mar


In our preparations to move to Romania, my main stress and anxiety revolved around the kids. How were they going to adapt to the move? Would it hurt Finn to be away from school for six months? Could I homeschool without wanting to strangle my children? What will they eat? Will they be okay?

Sooooo, I may have been projecting.

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Storming the Castle

23 Mar

We’ve been in Romania for a month and a half and figured it’s probably about time we visited a castle. We told the kids last week that we’d be going and they spent all weekend looking forward to it. A classic Lucy quote: “Wow, I mean, I just can’t believe that all that stuff from fairy tales- princesses and castles- it’s all real!”  I didn’t want to crush her by telling her that this one was more of a fortress and although it had passed through the hands of many royal princes, it probably never housed princesses in the way that she imagined. Poor Lucy, she’d already had her hopes dashed on Friday night when we were walking home from the symphony and she looked up at the Wishing Star and whispered “I wish that I’ll be able to see a real unicorn someday!”

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60?! Man, that’s old!

4 Mar

Desperation Nugget #3

27 Feb

Click for Desperation Nugget #1 and Desperation Nugget #2

I didn’t feel like going into the market with three squirrely children today, so we are pretty much out of food. I’m getting a little tired of the city grocery model- only getting what you need each day. That’s fine if you stop by the store on your way home from work or whatever. But when you always have children in tow and the market is super narrow and always crowded? I’d kill for a Costco about now.

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Timisoara and Answered Prayers

22 Feb

We rolled into the Timisoara train station around 8 in the morning on a Sunday. One last unloading of bags, a quick walk across the tracks, and we were outside in front of the station, with no ride in sight. Someone from the university was supposed to pick us up but the place was a ghost town. Continue reading

The Midnight Train to Timisoara

19 Feb

Ok, now that we’re back in our apartment with a stable internet connection, let me catch you up on the last few weeks. When last we spoke, we were in a hotel in Bucharest…

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